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Chart Construction Management

The Chart Construction Management team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of high quality services, regardless of project scope.

Construction Managers - Our construction managers have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and profoundly influence the success of each and every project.  They are directly involved in developing,implementing and achieving the strategic project goals set by Chart Construction Management.  They ensure that all policies, practices and objectives established by the company are properly interpreted, uniformly enforced, and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.  They oversee the companies operations in all sectors of the ICI fields. 

Project Managers - Our project managers are dedicated and experienced at establishing a clear direction and organization for their project.  Their dedication and experience also includes overseeing the project through to completion, and addressing issues such as deficiency, warranty and as-built close out documents. 

Estimating - It all starts with an estimate!  Our team's unique style and experience allows it to understand and produce accurate and realistic cost estimates or budgets.  We are proficient at taking a project from conceptual pricing to a guarantee fixed amount. 

Extensive quantity take off, cost analysis, forecasting, vendor relations and evaluation of sub-contractor bids are all part of our experience and expertise.

Site Superintendent - Our site superintendents ensure the projects smoothly and efficiently each day.  They are task oriented, dedicated, and have a strong background in scheduling, safety, and budgeting.   Continued education and training keep our field staff up-to-date on new materials and methods within our industry, as well as OHSA legislation.